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2 former UAW presidents drove corrupt spending, report alleges

Prosecutors and former UAW officials say Dennis Williams and Gary Jones had lavish tastes

Uber is under federal investigation for gender discrimination

Company has been trying to repair its image under CEO Khosrowshahi

Company has been trying to repair its image under CEO Khosrowshahi.

Watch cop let chief off for doing 92 mph: 'Take care, buddy'

'How fast was I going? ... Holy mackerel!'

Way to set an example for the kids there, Chief.

Video shows Buffalo cop striking suspect with SUV

An officer with the Buffalo, NY Police Department is under investigation after a video surfaces showing him running down a suspect last Saturday with a police SUV.

Ford F-150 brake failures under investigation by NHTSA

If the investigation leads to a recall, we could see 282,000 trucks involved.

Mitsubishi HQ raided by the Japanese government

'Give us your docs.'

Will the Japanese Transport Ministry come to the same conclusions as Mitsubishi's internal investigation?

Feds investigating FCA sales fraud focusing on strange code word

The phrase was discovered during the US government's current investigation of the automaker.

South Korea expands emissions investigation beyond VW

Mercedes-Benz, BMW may be among 23 the targets.

South Korean regulators will probe other diesel-vehicle importers for potential violations.

FCA explains, updates sales reporting in wake of investigation

FCA revises previous monthly sales numbers based on new reporting system.

FCA under investigation for fraud by FBI, SEC, and DOJ

Investigators are looking into claims that FCA fudged its year-end sales numbers last December.

Musk: Tesla won't disable Autopilot despite investigation

Tesla CEO says Autopilot will remain active in cars so equipped despite a current investigation by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

NHTSA launches probe into second Tesla Autopilot accident [UPDATE]

This one happened in Pennsylvania.

The NHTSA is collecting information from police, the driver, and Tesla to learn more about the Autopilot situation in a recent crash in Pennsylvania.

NHTSA probing Ford Explorers on reports of exhaust fumes in the cabin

There have been over 150 complaints from owners of the 2011 to 2015 Explorer.

German carmakers recall 630,000 diesel vehicles in Europe

Recalls are coming and a government investigation is just beginning.

Volkswagen's diesel software reportedly developed in 1999

VW will likley miss a new deadline to find a fix set by US judge late last month.

Volkwagen's efforts to define 'fix' for diesel emissions will likely be too late to meet late-April deadline.

Minnesota cops under investigation for DWI misconduct

​In late 2015, two officers of the Blaine, Minnesota police department responded to an alarm call from the local Fleet Farm.

Officer records video while driving patrol car

A police officer in Clayton County, Ga is under investigation after he uploaded a questionable video to Facebook.

VW orders external probe into diesel emission scandal

VW CEO Martin Winterkorn has issued a statement regarding EPA and CARB allegations that cars with its 2.0-liter TDI engine don't meet US emissions requirements. The automaker promises an external investigation.

NHTSA to increase effectiveness of auto investigations

After a one-year investigation, NHTSA is implementing changes to improve its oversight of vehicle safety. The agency is also asking an independent, three-person panel to monitor how these improvements are implemented.

Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango still catching fire after recall

A previous recall issued for the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango may not have been enough to fix an electrical problem that could lead to a fire, prompting the NHTSA to open a new investigation into the matter.

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