An officer with the Buffalo, NY Police Department is under investigation after a video surfaces showing him running down a suspect last Saturday with a police SUV.

According to WGRZ, a video surfaced on Facebook around 12:30 p.m. Saturday, December 31 showing Buffalo PD officers surrounding a man in a red jacket near the intersection of Chicago and Fulton streets. At around the two-minute mark, a BPD SUV comes careening into frame and rams the man in the red jacket. Afterwards, BPD officers loaded the man into an ambulance and he was whisked away to Erie County Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. By 8 p.m. on Sunday the video was gone and the BPD released a statement that the incident was under internal investigation.

BPD spokesperson Michael DeGeorge told reporters that the man in the red jacket was wielding a 12-inch butcher knife and that he was making threats of deadly force against officers after an apparent domestic disturbance spilled out of a home and into the street. Tom Burton, the attorney representing the officer in the SUV, said that the officer acted appropriately to protect fellow officers.

"There's no hiding from what happened," Burton told WGRZ. "This cop was motivated by preventing this fellow from hurting himself or anyone else."

Neither the officer involved or the man in the red jacket have been identified by Buffalo PD. Burton told reporters that his client, a veteran BPD officer, has not been put on leave pending the investigation.

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