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Online Find: 1970 Pontiac Firebird Concept, cousin of the Weinermobile

Harry Bentley Bradley, who designed the very first run of Hot Wheels cars and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, created this in 1970: the Pontiac Firebird One concept. It can be yours right now for $95,000.

The story of when DeLorean moved to Columbus, OH

A lot of things go down when a high-profile company is in high-profile trouble – unlikely entities can arrive with unexpected sums of money and take the company in unpredicatble directions. Such was the case with DeLorean Motor Car – which is still in business in Texas – when the business, headquartered in Detroit and building

Priory Fine Arts flies the Spirit of Ecstasy with reproduction sculptures

Spirit of Ecstasy sculpture by Priory Fine Arts – Click above for high-res image gallery

The Curious Case of the 1912 Blackiston

There was only one 1912 Blackiston, and no one knows what became of it. That is perhaps a good thing, since the car is most famous for being a one-of-a-kind, having an engine cover so large you couldn't see what was in front of it, and manslaughter. The product of George P. Blackiston, more tinkerer than visionary, his leviathan was a tribute to, well, no one knows, really. But it existed, and to the true tinkerer not much else matters. We won't spoil the it for you – if you enjoy a bit of

Who knew? Roger Ebert: Car Guy

It's not in dispute that Roger Ebert is an expert on cinema, though he never had to sit through any masterworks by this film school graduate (he's suffered enough). A Pulitzer prize reminds us that Roger's a Jedi master with prose, too. We were, however, surprised to find out that America's most famous film critic appears to be a dyed-in-the-wool car guy. He admits to not being one of us wrench-turners, but you don't have to know a trunnion from a pinion to be able to appreciate fine ir

Beauty in the Green Mountains - Hemmings Concours - HUGE Gallery

click the pic above to see the huge gallery of shots

The baddest Hot Wheels race ever created

We love the Hemmings blog, because those guys have a habit of digging up some of the coolest stuff you'll see on the web when it comes to classic automobiles and related fun. You should bookmark them if you haven't already, because if not for Hemmings, how would we ever find stuff like the video we've embedded after the jump. It is, quite simply, the most sublimely badass Hot Wheels race we've ever seen.

Maximum Plushness: Fully upholstered Porsche 924

The site where Hemmings dug up the photos you see here is in Russian, but as David Traver Adolphus says in his post on the topic, we all speak the "international language of crazy" -- a lexicon the creators of this Porsche 924 are clearly very fluent in.