It's not in dispute that Roger Ebert is an expert on cinema, though he never had to sit through any masterworks by this film school graduate (he's suffered enough). A Pulitzer prize reminds us that Roger's a Jedi master with prose, too. We were, however, surprised to find out that America's most famous film critic appears to be a dyed-in-the-wool car guy. He admits to not being one of us wrench-turners, but you don't have to know a trunnion from a pinion to be able to appreciate fine iron, and Ebert can wax dreamy with the best of us when talk turns to his beloved Studebaker Golden Hawk. What's not to like? Loewy style, supercharged V8, more speed than most of its contemporaries - we love the Stude, too. Regardless of whether we agree with his assessment of the latest blockbuster effects extravaganza, we feel a little more personally connected to the famous critic now that we know he's bitten with the four-wheeled bug that afflicts us.

[Source: Hemmings]

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