Spirit of Ecstasy sculpture by Priory Fine Arts – Click above for high-res image gallery

Though hood ornaments were once commonplace on high-end automobiles, they've all but completely gone the way of the dodo. Mercedes-Benz sedans still use the simple but iconic three-pointed star, and its upscale sister brand Maybach has its own Double-M. Some Bentley owners opt for the Flying B ornament, but the Jaguar leaping cat is even less common. Few carry the mantle as proudly as Rolls-Royce though.

The Spirit of Ecstasy has been the Rolls-Royce mascot for decades, and remains so today. Back in its heyday, though, Rolls dealers often displayed oversized sculptures – a couple of feet tall or more – of the Spirit in their showrooms. Afficionados, however, can still get these to display in their homes or offices thanks to an English studio called Priory Fine Arts.

Priory crafts replicas of the classic statuettes out of brass, optionally plated in silver or gold. You can get your hands on one for $3,150. The price is listed as negotiable, but the precious-metal leaf will undoubtedly add a few extra greenbacks. Have a closer look at the continuation sculptures – soon to celebrate the centenary of the 1911 original – in the gallery below, or follow the links to inquire about ordering your own.

[Source: Priory Fine Arts via Hemmings]

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