Maximum Plushness: Fully upholstered Porsche 924

The site where Hemmings dug up the photos you see here is in Russian, but as David Traver Adolphus says in his post on the topic, we all speak the "international language of crazy" -- a lexicon the creators of this Porsche 924 are clearly very fluent in.

Looking for all the world like a rolling interior from a 1970s conversion van, the entire car is covered in what appears to be orange chenille. The outside is button-tufted, presumably for extra-classiness, while the interior gets a more traditional, smooth look. Nothing can escape the fabric's touch; even the shifter and steering wheel get the treatment.

Gloriously freakin' ridiculous. The damned thing looks even more comfortable to sit on than in.

We've got two more shots after the jump.

[Source: via Hemmings Auto Blogs]

The Hemmings Blog has even more pics. Head over there to check out the rest of the glorious kitsch.

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