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Washington couple convert old fire engine into wood-fired pizza truck

It replaces a 1977 Datsun pickup equipped with a similar oven in the bed

Behold, Waffle House has a food truck

It’s just one, and it’s for private events only. But we want more.

It's just one, and it's for private events only. But we want more.

DC-3 Gourmet is a food truck plane

Cut an airplane in half, build a food truck out of it. Genius.

Cut an airplane in half, build a food truck out of it. Genius.

Peugeot showcases chic Bistro du Lion food truck

The Peugeot Design Lab has cooked up this custom food truck, called Le Bistro du Lion, complete with fully equipped kitchen, a mobile DJ booth... and Peugeot pepper mills.

Taco Bell airlifts food truck into remote Alaska town after hoax

Pity tiny Bethel, Alaska. First, when they want to "Run for the Border," it's a four-hour trip from the west coast of the state to Anchorage (not by car!). And according to Google Maps, the only restaurants in the entire town are a Subway franchise and something called Sho Gun Restaurant. So when a rumor was started that Taco Bell was going to set up shop in their little t

Chicago cops using social networking tools against food trucks that use them

The Chicago Sun Times reports food truck operators in Chicago have met with a police crackdown. Some operators report officers lying in wait for the mobile food services to show up, threatening a variety of citations before the trucks even open their doors. How is that possible? The miracle of the Internet. Operators routinely announc

Nissan confirms Pathfinder concept and more for Detroit

Nissan is gearing up for the Detroit Auto Show and two new concepts will grace the automaker's show stand, along with a Detroit-inspired food truck to keep the throngs satiated.

Los Angeles
2012 Nissan NV2500 HD food trucks deliver deliciousness in LA

Auto journalists love food. So if you're an automaker that's looking to get some hot ink about your brand-new food trucks, bringing them to an auto show during press days is a sure-fire way to get their attention. Well, as long as they're stocked with tasty edibles.

Nissan showcases NV versatility with food truck concepts

There's no limit to what a versatile commercial van can be used for, from shuttling travelers to and from the airport to delivering all manner of goods and services. In many cities that includes food trucks, which have rapidly been growing in popularity especially in Los Angeles.