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Harley-Davidson details and prices for Serial 1 electric bicycles

Prices start at $3,399, but the vintage look is gone.

Harley Davidson Serial 1 RUSH CTY b
Harley Davidson Serial 1 RUSH CTY b
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Last month Harley-Davidson announced the Serial 1 sub-brand, a spin-off focused on the $15-billion electric bicycle market. Today, the company detailed the specs, pricing structure, and pre-order plans for the four initial models, and it's causing a bit of a slow-down and some glitches on the company's website.

As expected, these city runabouts won't be cheap. Prices range from $3,399 to $4,999, which is more than many established e-bikes and some actual motorcycles, but isn't unusual. All are powered either an electric motor generating 250W of continuous power and 66 lb-ft of torque spinning the rear wheel with a carbon-fiber belt, or by your own two feet.

Every model comes in four different frame sizes. The entry level model, called the MOSH/CTY, comes with a removable 529Wh removable battery that has a range of 35 to 105 miles. It takes 4.75 hours to get to a full charge (or 2.6 hours to arrive at a 75% charge). Serial 1 notes that the range estimates have will have a wide span depending on mode and terrain.

The RUSH/CTY models have an additional 1.5-inch LED screen displaying data such as speed, odometer, and battery level. It comes in three flavors: the standard, the Step-Through that eliminates the frame's top crossbar, and the top-end Speed. Each employs a removable 706Wh battery capable of 35 to 115 miles with a charge time of 6.5 hours (or 3.5 hours ofr a 75 percent charge). All have a top speed of 20 mph except the Speed, which goes up to 28.

However, the actual production models look markedly different from the concept. That was said to be inspired by the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle ever made, which wasn't much more than a bicycle with a gas motor but is worth $15 million now. The production models are all black, lacking the snazzy polished-metal handlebars that gave it some of its vintage appeal. Without the string-wrapped grips, white tires and leather saddle, they look a bit plain. Maybe, as with its motorcycles, Harley plans to sell a vast catalog of aftermarket accessories. The bikes will be delivered in summer of 2021.

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