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Continental's 'corporate confessional' sheds light on Nazi past

Continental is the latest German business to publicly examine its Nazi past

Genesis GV80 to debut 3D digital display technology

Auto supplier Continental says the aim is less distraction

Continental to cut 5,000 jobs as demand falls for combustion engines

German auto supplier Continental on Wednesday said it would pare back its engine manufacturing activities as more stringent emissions rules threaten demand for combustion engine components, resulting in around 5,040 job losses by 2028. The global auto supplier, which employs more than 240,000 staff, has suffered from a global downturn in demand for passenger cars and a shift away from gasoline and diesel toward battery-powered vehicles. Continental said around 520 jobs will be lost w

Germany's Continental to cut thousands of jobs and close plants

Supplier sees slowdowns ahead

German automotive supplier Continental AG on Wednesday said it would cut jobs and close plants over the next 10 years as it faces a slowing global auto sector. The program will result in costs of around 1.1 billion euros (972.9 million pounds), which will mainly be incurred between 2019 and 2022, the company said after a meeting of its supervisory board. The slowdown in the auto sector has prompted profit warnings from various suppliers, including Continental, in recent months.

German automakers explore alliance to develop self-driving cars

Also, BMW and Mercedes could share a platform for 1 Series and A-Class

Also, BMW and Mercedes could share a platform for 1 Series and A-Class.

Autonomous cars: Chinese trust them — Americans and Germans, not so much

The difference in levels of acceptance is huge

The difference in levels of acceptance is huge.

Lincoln Continental brings back suicide doors with Coach Door Edition

A 6-inch stretch and tons more luxury are baked into the large Lincoln

A 6-inch stretch and tons more luxury are baked into the large Lincoln.

Lincoln teases a new Continental with suicide doors

Could a throwback to the 1960s be coming for the Continental?

Could a throwback to the 1960s be coming for the Continental?

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Car speakers may be headed the way of the 8-track

Continental's technology uses existing interior parts for hi-fi audio

First it was eight-track players, then cassette decks, antennas and CD players. Now your actual speakers might be the next features of your car audio system to disappear, The New York Times reports.

More head-up displays are coming to a dashboard near you

HUDs are in more new cars, and they're about to get more sophisticated

Auto supplier Continental considers major restructuring, possible breakup

The idea is to better respond to industry shifts to electric and self-driving vehicles

The breakup would follow an industry trend.

Canadian automotive giant Magna joins BMW-Intel self-driving car project

Magna will help mass-produce the technology.

Magna will help mass-produce the technology.

Self-driving cars will test crossing the US-Canada border

Will the car sit idly by while you go through Border Patrol questioning?

GM commits to sustainable natural rubber for tires

Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, and Michelin will help lead the change to greener tires.

Transparency, labor rights, and preventing deforestation are keys to the initiative.

Auto suppliers may profit from EV sales even if OEMs don't

Continental's revenue and profit expand amid green-car sales growth.

Automaker profit margins may be slim, so far, but suppliers are benefitting as more people adopt green vehicles.

2017 Lincoln Continental pricing undercuts Cadillac CT6

Base model starts at $45,485, 400-hp Black Label priced at $69,105.

Lincoln has priced the new Continental aggressively, targeting the Audi A6 and offering consumers four trims, three power levels, and the option of AWD.

VW scandal threatens all diesels in US

Continental Exec Says China And Japan Could Also Be Affected

Continental executive Elmar Degenhart says diesel demand in regions such as North America, China and Japan may shrink substantially following the VW fallout.

Do EVs have an image problem? Continental says yes

Germans Think EVs Are Even More Boring Than Americans Do

Survey says people think EVs are good for the environment but not that fun to drive.

Continental's 360-degree camera system goes next level with 3D

Automotive camera technology has gone from providing low-res, grainy images from a single perspective to practically photo quality from any angle, in just a few years. There's no stopping the march of progress, though, because Continental is already demoing what it thinks is the next evolution of the tech that gives a true birds-eye-view.

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