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A spotter's guide to Super Bowl LIV car commercials

Genesis is a rookie, while Porsche returns after 23 years

Report: Chevy called out for reliability claim, pulls commercial

Chevrolet says ad was taken down for new marketing opportunities

Chevrolet says ad was taken down for new marketing opportunities.

Progressive mocks Chevrolet focus group commercials

If you ask us, they had it coming

If you ask us, they had it coming.

Chevy Olympics ad that shows same-sex marriage in the spotlight [w/videos]

Chevrolet has launched a new ad campaign set to air throughout the 2014 Winter Olympics called #TheNew. Part of a 14-commercial run, the first ad for #TheNew aired during last week's Opening Ceremony, and has drawn attention for a small part of its 60-second run time. The three to four-second cut showed a same-sex marriage celebration, which Brandon Turkus

Audi releases quartet of A3 commercials, likely headed for Super Bowl

With the announcement from Audi that it's new A3 would be the star of this year's Super Bowl advertising efforts still relatively fresh, it comes as a bit of a shock that what may be game-bound ads for the new small car are already starting to show up.

Ron Burgundy returns for four more Dodge Durango ads

Dodge has released several more of its Anchorman 2-themed commercials, starring Will Ferrell as inept newsreader Ron Burgundy. The four spots, one of which is a sequel to a previous commercial, follow roughly the same pattern as previous ads, with Ferrell's Burgundy misu

Having a Diehard battery key to surviving the zombie apocalypse?

While there's no shortage of zombie commercials and marketing gimmicks floating around these days, Sears has come up with one of the coolest yet. With high production values and plenty of suspense, this 79-second spot looks more like a George Romero flick than an ad for Diehard car batteries.

New Odyssey ads feature Honda Vac, star power

Honda has released a string of new ads highlighting its refreshed, 2014 Odyssey minivan. While the Japanese brand hasn't started bragging about attaining the first Top Safety Pick+ for minivans<

Toyota Tacoma helps stand up to your girlfriend, mimes, magicians and the Grim Reaper

It takes a lot to get a product noticed in today's fast-paced world, but one avenue that's always seemed to grab the eyeballs of consumers has been humor. Toyota knows this rule well, and has put together a quartet of spots called "Tacoma Wins," in which the midsize pickup's features and specifications best a number of seemingly worthy competitors.

Kia Hotbots come back out to play with 2014 Forte

Kia is bringing back its so-called "hotbots," the slightly disturbing female robots that traipse about the uncanny valley while hustling the new Forte and "respecting the tech," for three new, humorous animated spots.

Carib Groups say Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad Not Racist

Superimposed Jamaican accent has angered many

Volkswagen's Super Bowl ad has been causing quite a stir since it was released. The commercial, which features the Beetle Turbo and a white, Minnesota man speaking with a Jamaican accent, has caused many to label the ad as "racist." But two Caribbean cultural groups have come forward to defend VW.

UK auto magazine says this is the best car commercial of all time [w/videos]

There have been many great car commercials over the years, but is it possible to define the best? Well, Ad Week recently took a crack at it by rating the top commercials of the year by looking at their view counts on YouTube, but Auto Express took a more democratic approach by putting the decision to a vote. Just after Thanksgiving, Auto Express came up wit

Chrysler launches new Ram ads and gears up for Super Bowl XLV [w/videos]

Perhaps no car company has made bigger splashes in the last two years at the Super Bowl than Chrysler, and the automaker's marketing chief, Olivier Francois, said today that he plans to be all over the big game again in February.

Smart Electric Drive ad offers blockbuster treatment for tiny car

Drama, suspense, romance, horror – just about everything you might want from a great big-budget flick has been packed into this minute-long masterpiece from Smart (or its ad agency, anyway).

Video: Cadillac CTS-V "Competition" commercial

Cadillac CTS-V "Competition" commercial – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Video: Live Design Hybrid - Honda CR-Z get the JDM ad treatment

Honda CR-Z JDM ads – Click above to watch videos after the jump

REPORT: Controversial ads expected from Fiat exec heading Chrysler marketing [w/VIDEO]

Controversial Tibet Lancia commercial -- Click above to watch video

Cadillac kicks current ad agency to the curb, seeking new suitors

Click above to view Modernista's Cadillac commercials after the jump

Lutz lays out his strategy for GM advertising: "Memorable," "clever," "viral" [w/VIDEO]

Click above to watch Kate Walsh talk up the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon after the jump

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