Progressive mocks Chevrolet focus group commercials

If you ask us, they had it coming

You know the Chevrolet commercials. The guy with the goatee and an iPad. The focus group of people easily impressed by absurdly large set pieces who don't possess an ounce of context or comparative knowledge about the thing they're being asked about. The abundance of awards and accolades named that none of those people have ever heard of before, and again, provided without context. The cheap shots taken at rival brands. The amazing things that happen that in no way reflect on the car ("Surprise! It's your mom in a Traverse!"). Their cherry-picked statements edited together to make them sound like even bigger overly impressed rubes.

No dude, that Malibu does not look like a Lexus.

So yeah, I despise those commercials. They're annoying at best, deceiving at worst. Admittedly, it especially gnaws at my craw since they play over-and-over-and-over between innings of streamed baseball games ... and I watch a lot of baseball games.

And then, during last night's Wild Card game, a new focus group commercial arrived. And it was delightful: Progressive Insurance has produced a commercial dubbed "Real Actors" mocking the Chevy ads. It's basically everything I could ask for (well, besides the guy on YouTube who also does it). You can see it above. Enjoy!

And if you want to see neat features from Chevy vehicles presented in a non-obnoxious way, check out the related video below.

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