Chevy Olympics ad that shows same-sex marriage in the spotlight [w/videos]

Chevrolet has launched a new ad campaign set to air throughout the 2014 Winter Olympics called #TheNew. Part of a 14-commercial run, the first ad for #TheNew aired during last week's Opening Ceremony, and has drawn attention for a small part of its 60-second run time. The three to four-second cut showed a same-sex marriage celebration, which Forbes believes is the first time Chevy has ever featured a gay family in one of its ads.

As Chevy explains it, the campaign aims to show "that even though the world is constantly changing, the things that matter most remain the same." The placement of the spot is telling, considering Russia's anti-gay laws that have left it making headlines over the past several months. A second spot for the Traverse crossover features gay and lesbian families even more heavily. Two other, shorter spots feature gay characters, as well. The four spots highlight Chevy's position alongside other organizations that have spoken out against Russia's laws in the run up to the Olympics.

There's no denying it's a bold move on the part of Chief Marketing Officer Tim Mahoney, who said in a statement that Chevrolet is helping "break new ground." We've included all 14 spots below (the Cruze ad is an early favorite around the Autoblog office), so have a look and let us know what you think. And just a friendly reminder, we all have different opinions and beliefs, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be civil when discussing these spots. So, let's all play nice. Scroll down for the commercials.

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