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Wisconsin woman accused of driving with child on minivan roof

He was holding down a wading pool.

He was holding down a wading pool.

Texan arrested for driving his lawnmower down busy Houston freeway

A Texas man is in some serious trouble today after lashing his son to himself with a dog leash then driving down a Houston freeway on a riding mower last Sunday.

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Babysitter robs bank with kids in car

Apparently believing that the film Adventures in Babysitting was an instructional video, a Colorado babysitter is in jail for using the children she was watching as props in a bank heist.

Pediatrician leaves her young children in hot car

A Californian pediatrician was caught leaving her young children for hours in a car while she treated patients.

Mom charged with leaving kids in hot car twice

A woman in Virginia turned herself in Monday on the charge of leaving her kids in a hot car while shopping, only to leave her kids in a hot car again while at the courthouse.

Father does donuts with son in '68 Camaro, ends up in handcuffs

Think pulling a couple of donuts in an empty lot is harmless? That's what one Joe Graham of Ontario, New York, thought... right up until he was arrested.

Report: Elena Ford arrested for drunk driving, child endangerment

Click on Detroit reports that Ford Global Marketing Director and Blue Oval heiress Elena Ford has been arrested on charges of drunken driving and child endangerment. The incident allegedly occurred on Sunday night on Woodward Avenue in Ferndale, Michigan. The police report say Ford left the road in her 2011 Ford Explorer, jumping the curb and heading on to the median, before eventually getting back onto

Video: Bad parenting and bad driving know no bounds

In Poland, babies drive the cars – Click above to watch the video after the break

Ohio woman cited for breastfeeding while driving

With work, school, family and other obligations, people seem to be getting busier all the time. That means they are doing several things at once, and Genine Compton may serve up to 180 days in the slammer for her particular brand of multitasking. Compton was charged with child endangerment in Dayton, Ohio recently for breast feeding her baby while driving a car. She was taking her other children to school when the baby's feeding time came, and since the baby was hungry, she decided to feed her.

Driving School: Mother arrested for letting 11-year-old daughter drive

A mother in Tel Aviv had her license revoked by local police when she let her 11-year-old daughter drive her car. Israeli traffic police pulled the car over when they saw a shorter-than-usual driver behind the wheel, and when questioning the mother, she answered that it was a reward for getting a good grade in school. After the child reportedly showed interest in driving, the mother pledged that if the child got an A on her exam, she'd let her drive. Unbelievably, she kept her promise. Police de