With work, school, family and other obligations, people seem to be getting busier all the time. That means they are doing several things at once, and Genine Compton may serve up to 180 days in the slammer for her particular brand of multitasking. Compton was charged with child endangerment in Dayton, Ohio recently for breast feeding her baby while driving a car. She was taking her other children to school when the baby's feeding time came, and since the baby was hungry, she decided to feed her.

It's against Ohio law to have children in your lap in the front seat, and all children under 40 lbs must be restrained in a child safety seat. In the event that an airbag deploys – something that can happen even in a low impact collision – the baby is at the mercy of an object that strikes with Mike Tyson ferocity. Eating and driving is a bad idea. Talking on the phone and driving is even worse. Breast feeding and driving; that should just go without saying. Thanks for the tip, Robin!

[Source: WHIO]

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