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China sold only 7,000 electric automobiles in 2013

Sales Likely To Increase, As Total Sudsidies Can Now Total $19,500 In Some Cities

The goal of the plan is to have five million EVs on the roads by the end of 2020.

Chery reportedly researching Wankel engines for extended-range EVs

Mazda isn't the only company out there working on the next-generation rotary engine. According to China Car Times, Chery is also dabbling in Wankel technology. The company isn't so much interested in bringing non-piston love to The People's Republic so much as they are finding a more efficient way to charge the batteries in an extended-range EV. If CCT's intelligence is accurate, the plan is t

Better Place signs MOU with Chery Automotive, battery swapping headed to China

Over the weekend in Beijing, electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure pioneer Better Place announced that it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with China's Chery Automotive. The deal will help Better Place bring its oft-talked about battery-swapping technology

Is Chery designing an electric jeep for Better Place?

In reporting on a $350 million funding round for Better Place, we said that we doubted another automaker besides Nissan-Renault is building vehicles that would work with the company's battery-swapping system. Might Domenick Yoney

Chery electric car venture with Israel Corp. speeds up, slims down

Less than two weeks after Chery unveiled its first electric car (above) comes news that the joint venture the Chinese car maker has with Israel Corporation Ltd. is set to speed up. The holding company belonging to the Ofer family, which has $100 million or s

Chery unveils the S18, its first electric car

China's largest independent automaker, Chery, has "unveiled" their first electric car. Called the S18, the small 4 door appears to be the a battery-operated version of the S18/QQ2 first shown to the world at last year's Beijing Auto Show. The in-house design features lithiu

Volvo's suitor of the week: China's Chery

Following up on our report last month about Volvo possibly going to the Chinese, state media is now reporting that Chery Automobile, one of the largest independent and fastest growing Chinese auto manufacturers, has its eyes on the Swedish automaker. Although officials at Chery rule out the possibility of buying Volvo, other sources have stated that the C

Chrysler and Chery's lovechild not ready for export, yet

If you've been waiting on pins and needles for a small Chrysler that's due to be built in China by Chery, you're going to have to twiddle your thumbs a little longer. Though we've been hearing about a Chrysler/Chery Hornet or Demon for some time, execs from both companies don't believe the product

Chery has huge plans for hybrids in 2008 and beyond

During a recent international renewable energy forum in Beijing, Liu Zhijia, Assistant General Manager of Chery, said by 2010 half of Chery's vehicles will be hybrids and half of those hybrids will run on clean fuels. Here is exactly what he said:

Chery may bring M14 convertible to U.S. next year

Chery is looking at dropping its Pininfarina-styled M14 on the US market soon. Chinese news agency Xinhua is all like "later this year," but this year is like "see ya," so maybe by "this year" they really mean "next year." Either way, we'll be happy to take one for a spin while bearing in mind the convenient fold-up design we've seen from Chinese cars bei

Get in line: Fiat considers Chery partnership

It looks like Chrysler isn't the only car company trying to partner with China's Chery Auto. The latest reports suggest Fiat is also considering a new deal with Chery that would involve a joint-venture to start building Fiat badged cars in China.

Shanghai Auto Show: LIVE shots of the Chery Shooting Sport

click above image to view more high-res images of the Chery Shooting Sport

Chrysler VP talks about Chery and the Hornet

Late in 2006 Chrysler announced a deal with Chery Automotive to develop and manufacture small cars. Everyone hoped this meant that the Dodge Hornet which was shown at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show as a concept would be produced out of the deal. Unfortunately, the two companies have been shy about releasing details, apparently because they had yet to work those out. Chrysler Executive VP of product d

Mixed messages: Chery and Chrysler get their PR wires crossed

There seems to be some confusion over what vehicle Chrysler will choose to sell in North America from the Chery lineup. We recently shared speculation that the renamed A1 would be the most likely Chery to carry a Dodge badge in small car segments around the globe. It seems, however, that nobody actually knows which of six Chery models Chrysler will choose.

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