Mixed messages: Chery and Chrysler get their PR wires crossed

There seems to be some confusion over what vehicle Chrysler will choose to sell in North America from the Chery lineup. We recently shared speculation that the renamed A1 would be the most likely Chery to carry a Dodge badge in small car segments around the globe. It seems, however, that nobody actually knows which of six Chery models Chrysler will choose.

The latest twist came on the heels of an announcement by Chery that identified the A1 as being its first collaboration with Chrysler, to be shown at the Shanghai Motor Show in April. But the official Xinhua news reported Chery saying, "The A1 would be the first of at least six small vehicle models to be manufactured by Chery with the cooperation of Chrysler."

Not so fast, says Chrysler. The U.S. automaker insists that it hasn't even decided which model it wants to use, and that there are only intentions to use one model. But Mike Aberlich, a Chysler corporate spokesperson, told just-auto that these issue are still being worked out, going to say, "We know what model it will be but we haven't announced it yet."

Ah, well that clears things up nicely. We'll keep you posted about this potential Fit fighter, whatever it ends up being.

[Source: just-auto]

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