The Wall Street Journal was allowed behind the scenes at Chinese automaker Chery, a rare privilege in Communist China. The reporter didn't discover any top-secret plans for world domination or even a rendering of what Dodge's Chery-made car would look like. But he did see German and Italian robotics being used on production lines staffed by $1-an-hour workers 16 hours a day. It's a combination the story says should be good for global success.

In Chery's research center, engineers are developing 40-50 new models and the company is building a new production line capable of turning out 700,000 cars a year.

Chery chairman Yin Tongyao says they hope their relationship with Chrysler will allow Chery to hone its cars and streamline its production process. "People look down on our products. There are many doubts about our safety and quality," says Yin says in the WSJ piece. "If we work together with Chrysler, we can go global faster."

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

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