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'The Secret Race Across America' is a Cannonball doc narrated by Ice-T

It sheds light on recent efforts to break the N.Y. to L.A. record

Saleen serves up special 'Stangs for Cannonballers

Two larger pics available by clicking image above

Autoblog Travelogue: 2006 One Lap Of America

Well, the fuse has been lit on the 2006 installment of the splendiforously-titled Tire Rack Cannonball One Lap of America presented by Car & Driver (better known as 'One Lap'), and as usual, your trusty Autoblog contact is on the scene. We had high hopes for 'live-blogging' the Cannonball Run offspring this year via daily updates, but circumstances have conspired against us.  At any rate, for those not terribly familiar with the event, here's the (kinda-sort