Saleen building Road Rally edition Mustangs

In 1983 my family got cable. It was a pretty big deal. So big, in fact, that I remember the first thing I ever saw on cable, Cannonball Run. This summer the Great American Run returns, and with a pretty cool trophy for the winner of the race contest. Saleen is selling 24 of 25 limited edition Mustangs to contestants of the event, 11 of which have already been sold. Number 25 will be given away as first prize of the contest.

Since a Mustang isn't exactly a vehicle that's tough to find, this Saleen edition had to be something quite special. The V8 engine turns out a Shelby GT500-topping 600 HP and hauls to 60 in less than 4 seconds. The top speed is a ridiculous 200 MPH, which is amazing, insane, and very cool. Those numbers are pretty impressive for any vehicle, and with the Saleen name we think even Captain Chaos would love it. Oh, if the July 29 through August 4th race is making your mind wander, you can enter for $10,000. The run is limited to 400 entries.

With only 25 copies off the special edition Saleen Mustang, this is one exclusive ride. Not only is it a Saleen with 600 HP and a 200 MPH top speed, you can only buy it by participating in the race. Something tells us we'll see quite a few of these at Barrett Jackson next year, and number 25 will sell for some serious coin.

[Source: GT Spirit via Jalopnik]

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