It isn't an official Gumball 3000 until the authorities start impounding cars. The annual event for car-loving millionaire scofflaws kicked off on Sunday in London, and various police forces around Europe have wasted little time in catching up with the cash-happy racers.

Wuerzburg, Germany authorities reportedly bagged 44 of the 120 Gumballers en route to Belgrade for various infractions, holding on to four of the racer's prized vehicles. No word on if any of the race's celebrity entrants have been ensnared, but somehow we figure that Snoop Dogg, Jodie Kidd, Hugh Hefner and their ilk can talk/photograph/autograph/buy their way out of any such issues.

This year's 3,000 mile high-speed, debauchery-laden Gumball will see stages in Europe, Thailand and the Western U.S.

More details can be found by checking out the Gumball's official website here, and just launched its event coverage here (tip nod: Greg).

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