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GM extends Chevy Bolt production halt two more weeks

Production of improved battery has begun, so first GM has to prioritize replacements

Green-car sales have a strong year despite a weak December

GM was the lone bright spot last month, with a jolt in Bolt deliveries

Toyota's hybrid sales continue to decline, while Ford's, Honda's level off

Chevrolet Bolt offers first national lease at $329 a month

GM offers a 15,000-mile annual allowance for Bolt leaseholders

General Motors' Chevrolet division starts offering countrywide $329 monthly leases for its Bolt electric vehicle.

GM challenges eight schools to build self-driving Chevy Bolts

The kicker: They only have three years to do it.

The cars must be able to navigate an SAE-designated urban driving course.

GM's European Opel division may eventually go all-electric

Of course, that depends on whether PSA buys the brand.

Opel cites the challenges of furthering both electric and conventional drivetrain technology as a reason to go all-electric.

Chevy Bolt and Volt both easily outpace Nissan Leaf sales

Bolt sales doubled between December and January.

Chevrolet Bolt electric-vehicle sales already outpaced the more established Nissan Leaf in just its second month of availability.

First Chevrolet Bolts delivered in Northern California

Hey Tesla, how ya doing?

GM expects to make more deliveries in California, Oregon this month.

First Drive
Can GM sell 30,000 Chevy Bolts in 2017? LG Chem thinks so

That sales rate would put Bolt on par with the Tesla Model S.

The battery maker for Chevy's reasonably priced EV expects big sales.

First Chevy Bolt EVs will go to the West Coast

Chevy dealers in LA, SF Bay Area are already reporting allocations.

General Motors will take the EV model nationwide after starting on the West Coast, though still won't give a timetable.

Lyft drivers will be among the first to get Chevy Bolt EVs

Express Drive program drivers will be able to rent some of the first Bolts.

Ride-hailing operator won't be ahead of car buyers, but will share the distinction of getting the first Bolt EVs.

Chevy Bolt EV goes 255 miles in the city

More detailed range ratings from the EPA give insight into the Bolt's livability.

But the Chevy Bolt's 217-mile highway range drags its overall rating down to 238.

Chevy Bolt and Volt names look and sound the same in Korean

General Motors will need to add an 'EV' suffix to indicate the difference.

And you thought hearing the difference between Bolt and Volt was confusing in the States.

The Chevy Bolt is now coming to life in LG Electronics' facilities

LG reached a six-year agreement last year to be a parts supplier for the Bolt.

South Korea-based LG preps to make about a dozen parts for the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles.

Chevy Bolt's aero is a 'disaster,' but it will be big inside

GM uses aluminum, grille 'shutters' to compensate.

You can't have both.

GM and Lyft's Express Drive rental service expanding further

Drivers in Los Angeles and Denver are next on the list to try out this unusual twist on rentals.

You can now rent a car to use as a Lyft taxi, including the new Chevy Bolt and Volt. Well, not the Bolt yet, but soon.

Autonomous Chevy Bolt spied in public

These cars likely preview Lyft's autonomous EV.

Two Chevy Bolt EVs, one still wearing camo, were spotted in San Francisco. Both have what appear to be autonomous driving test devices on the roof.

Cadillac ELR production has stopped, Chevy Bolt coming in Oct.

There's a changing of the guard as GM prepares to go all-in on the Chevy Bolt.

GM stopped production of the Cadillac ELR extended-range plug-in in February.

Autoblog Minute
Tesla Model 3 versus Chevy Bolt | Autoblog Minute

A 30-second comparison of the Tesla Model 3 and the Chevy Bolt. Eddie Sabatini reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute.

Tesla Model 3 versus Chevy Bolt | Autoblog Minute

A 30 second comparison between the Tesla Model 3 and the Chevy Bolt.

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