Autonomous Chevy Bolt spied in public

These cars likely preview Lyft's autonomous EV.

Autonomous Chevy Bolt Spy Photos
Autonomous Chevy Bolt Spy Photos / Image Credit: Brian Willians/Spiedbilde
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The streets of San Francisco have been treated to an unusual sight: two all-electric Chevy Bolt EVs decked out in what appears to be autonomous driving sensors strapped to the roofs. We don't have any real information about the vehicles we see here, but we're certainly curious to know why one is covered in camo swirls and the other isn't. Neither of these Bolts is a production version (which is supposed to start rolling off the line in October), as you can tell from the unfinished headlights.

The consumer version of the Chevy Bolt is not supposed to have any notable auto-driving tech, but since it is likely to compete with the Autopilot-capable Tesla Model 3 when that vehicle arrives a year or so after the Bolt, it makes sense for GM to get its new halo EV ready for an improved second-model-year upgrade. Much more likely, though, these Bolts are test vehicles for the GM and Lyft partnership that is supposed to launch in the next 12 months using tech from San Francisco-based Cruise Automation, which was acquired by GM. If you like the idea of an all-electric car driving you through San Francisco traffic, keep an eye on your Lyft app next year.

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