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The bear reportedly trashed the inside

The bear reportedly trashed the inside so badly, the doors couldn't be unlocked.

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In colorado, a bear broke into an SUV, taking the vehicle for a short joyride before crashing into a mailbox and fleeing the scene. A demolished interior and feces wore found inside.


Smarter than the average bear, smart enough to get in - but not smart enough to get out.

A Golden, Colorado woman got a rude awakening when she discovered a black bear locked inside her car.

Stands on hind legs and even opens the door

Black bears are getting bolder every year in their hunt for food in dumpsters and locked cars, but this one is a step ahead of the rest. He has learned how to stand up and open the truck doors like a human in his quest for a quick meal


It's hard not to feel sorry for the bear in the video below. The poor critter gets nailed pretty hard while ambling across a Russian highway. Despite an impact at what looks to be at least 40 miles per hour, the big bear does his best impression of a breakdancer before shrugging off the hit and scampering for the hills. There's no telling what sort of internal damage the animal suffered due to the collision, but we imagine the offending car didn't get away so easily. With parts bouncing off of t

The Florida family who owns the car says this isn't the first time they've had bear trouble

A family living across the street from Ocala National Forest is use to having wildlife wrecking it's way through their property, but the latest attack is almost unbearable.


Your garage should be a sacred place, somewhere that your precious car can hide away from the outside world and its ever-looming threats of bird poop, road salt and bears. Yes, bears should generally not be allowed into your garage, but this homeowner from Lake Tahoe, California apparently didn't get the memo.


It was a late August morning on Lake Tahoe's western shoreline when a wild bear slid behind the wheel of 61-year-old Brian McCarthy's 2002 Toyota Prius. After clawing its way into the Prius, the bear was stuck. Eventually, the wild animal found its way out of the vehicle, but not before it took the Prius for a quick spin.