Freak bear collision leaves two dead in Quebec

Struck bear hits oncoming vehicle leaving two dead – Click above to watch video after the jump

Roads that are forged through the wilderness can occasionally pose a hazard to drivers. Animals can emerge from tree-lined scenery without warning, and if the animal is large enough it can cause serious damage to a vehicle, and possibly to the occupants inside. Two unfortunate Canadian motorists became a tragic example of what can happen when animals and automobiles collide.

A 300-pound black bear (the smallest species in North America, for what it's worth) wandered into traffic on a road located 25 miles northwest of Ottawa, Canada. A passing Pontiac Sunfire collided with the bear, sending it directly into the windshield of an oncoming Nissan Pathfinder. Two of the Pathfinder's three occupants were killed when the large bear went through the glass of the SUV. The driver and passenger of the Sunfire were unhurt.

There are questions as to whether a bait station used to lure bears to the area that was set up by hunters may have contributed to the accident. The bait station is reportedly less than 100 feet from the road. That seems awfully close to us, but apparently it's placement is within legal limits.

This is certainly a freak accident, but it can also serve as a reminder to remain alert when traveling down a road that passes through areas inhabited by animals. Click past the jump to watch a news clip discussing the accident.

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