Family's car destroyed by bear

A family living across the street from Ocala National Forest is use to having wildlife wrecking it's way through their property, but the latest attack is almost unbearable. Heather Bybee made the grizzly discovery early Monday morning after her father told her a bear was inside her car, ripping the interior to shreds, a local Florida TV station reported.

Her father saw the bear's head sticking out, so he did the only thing he could do. Unlock and open the door, then run. By the time he'd gotten the bear out of her car the damage had already been done.

"He a bully of cars," Donny, Bybee's 6-year-old son told WFTV. "I don't like bears, just tear up everything like a wild animal."

The claw marks on the outside were minor, but the interior was completely destroyed, causing nearly $17,000 in damage.

This isn't the first destructive bear to wander on to their property. Bybee says they come over almost nightly and have already killed a pig and destroyed a shed, according to The Orlando Sentinel reported. Bears have a habit of breaking into cars around national parks, looking for food that visitors leave behind, but Bybee said there was nothing the bear could want in her vehicle

"I know we're in their habitat but there's nothing inside the car that it would have wanted," Bybee told the newspaper.

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