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One in seven trucks will be alt-fuel by 2035

More natural gas. Less diesel. That's a quick synopsis of a study by Navigant Research on future fueling trends for trucks.

Number of autogas stations quietly growing in US to almost 3,000

Alliance AutoGas has announced the installation of its 600th autogas (a.k.a. propane) refueling station in the US this month. That's about 21 percent of the 2,842 total propane autogas stations now in the US, according to US Department of Energy data. The Alliance AutoGas industry organization says that it signifies the important role propane autogas is playing in making clean transportation fuelin

US truck fleets turning towards CNG, LPG

Fleets can save well over $150,000 in fuel costs over the six-year life of a truck.

GM introduces new bi-fuel Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra during 2012 Work Truck Show week

The 2012 Work Truck Show is going on in Indianapolis this week, and that brings with it a helping of alternative-powered truck news.

Confiscated drug money used to convert sherrif's vehicles to propane autogas

A small law enforcement fleet in North Carolina converting gas-guzzling vehicles to run on propane autogas isn't exactly national news, but what we have here is also a candidate for the classic "News of the Weird" column. Why? Because sheriff Phillip Redmond of Iredell County, NC has converted 13 Ford Crown using matching grants from the North Carolina Sol

Autogas still out there promoting itself as greener, cheaper alternative to gasoline

Georgia energy provider LP Gas Holding Company has partnered with nationwide network Alliance AutoGas for "affordable," American-made propane autogas. Alliance says autogas is the answer in these unpredictable times. Why? Well, according to Alliance, autogas is easier on the environment while keeping fleet owners from having to shell out big bucks on fuel.

AFVI 2010: Autogas for America says "Go propane LPG autogas!"

What's in a word? The new group Autogas for America thinks that the word "propane" needs a rewrite when it comes to using it for propulsion (Sebastian Blanco

Autogas Chevrolet Matiz Concept = LPG for the masses

Click above for a high-res gallery of the fahgmitgas Matiz LPG Concept

Meet Greenfly, a Yamaha XT500 motorcycle converted to LPG

Click above for more shots of the Greenfly LPG motorcycle

LPG living large in France

Although LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is one of the least alternative among the alternative fuels, supporters often mention these reasons to promote its use: virtually no nitrogen oxides, lower CO2 emissions when burned, no volatile compounds and no particles to filter at the exhaust pipe. In countries like Italy, France and the UK, LPG is often used, although sales are almost unknown in Germany and Spain. As with most fuels, their use depends a lot on how its taxed. While 1 liter of

RACE report shows that LPG is a viable solution

The Real Automóvil Club de España (RACE) as well as its German counterpart ADAC, have released a complete report defending the use of LPG (Liquiefied Petroleum Gas) as a viable alternative to gasoline. The complete report (which you can download following the link below) states that LPG is a reasonable solution for the following reasons: