Although LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is one of the least alternative among the alternative fuels, supporters often mention these reasons to promote its use: virtually no nitrogen oxides, lower CO2 emissions when burned, no volatile compounds and no particles to filter at the exhaust pipe. In countries like Italy, France and the UK, LPG is often used, although sales are almost unknown in Germany and Spain. As with most fuels, their use depends a lot on how its taxed. While 1 liter of gasoline costs around €1.50 in France and a liter of diesel €1.40, a liter of LPG costs €0.77. Of course, when running on LPG a car needs to burn more than if it was using gasoline, but if you make the math, it's can be a worthwhile switch. In some countries the transformation (even at the factory) of regular gasoline cars to run with LPG is almost paid off by the state - in France, for example, there's a €2,000 tax bonus if you convert your car or buy one already converted. LPG can be found at one out of four gas stations in France, and the country has enough capacity to produce fuel for 10 times more LPG cars than it currently does (150,000 units).
[Source: Le Blog Auto]

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