Autogas still out there promoting itself as greener, cheaper alternative to gasoline

Georgia energy provider LP Gas Holding Company has partnered with nationwide network Alliance AutoGas for "affordable," American-made propane autogas. Alliance says autogas is the answer in these unpredictable times. Why? Well, according to Alliance, autogas is easier on the environment while keeping fleet owners from having to shell out big bucks on fuel.
LP Gas Holding, a provider of clean-burning propane heating options, says it's proud to offer its customers autogas as a cost-effective alternative fuel. How cost effective is autogas? According to Alliance, autogas costs around $1 a gallon less than gasoline. And as for saving the environment, autogas-burning vehicles emit some 12 percent less CO2 than conventional autos.

But it's not just saving a buck here and there that matters most. Alliance says because of autogas' high octane rating, vehicles that burn it require less maintenance, which we'd assume appeals to any firm that operates a sizable fleet of vehicles. And because 90 percent of the U.S.' autogas is made in America, using it supposedly "enhances our energy security."
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Alliance AutoGas Welcomes New Georgia Partner to Provide Local Fleets Relief from High Fuel Prices

TIFTON, Ga. – August 22, 2011 – Georgia energy provider LP Gas Holding Company has partnered with clean fueling and conversion network Alliance AutoGas to provide local area fleets affordable, American-made propane autogas. In an unstable economy with gasoline prices averaging more than $3.50 per gallon, public and private fleets with tightening budgets can drive green and save money by shifting to autogas.

"LP Gas Holding Company has been providing clean-burning propane heating options to the local community for years, and now through the Alliance AutoGas complete program, we proudly offer propane autogas as a cost-effective alternative vehicle fuel," says President and CEO Dan Richardson. "It's more affordable to set up autogas fueling stations compared to other alternative fuels, and Alliance will install on-site fueling infrastructure at no up-front cost."

Alliance AutoGas is a growing network of propane retailers, equipment providers and certified conversion centers across the country that delivers everything fleets need to shift from gasoline to propane autogas. Alliance equips fleets with vehicle conversions, on-site fueling, safety training and back-office data integration, as well as the ongoing technical support to ensure a successful program.

"We are thrilled LP Gas Holding Company has joined Alliance to help ensure affordable, domestically produced autogas is available to our nation's fleets," says Alliance AutoGas President Stuart Weidie. "Between the savings, reduced emissions and comparative performance to gasoline vehicles, converting to autogas is a smart choice for fleets looking to boost their bottom lines in this tumultuous economy. And because 90 percent of the U.S. supply is made in America, investing in autogas also helps enhance our energy security."

Autogas costs $1 per gallon less than gasoline, and autogas vehicles emit 20 percent less carbon monoxide, 40 percent less nitrogen oxide and 12 percent less carbon dioxide than gasoline vehicles. Because autogas has a higher octane rating and burns cleaner than gasoline, vehicles require less maintenance, including oil changes, and have an increased engine life.

About LP Gas Holding Company

LP Gas Holding Company-DBA Conger LP Gas, Inc. and Pineland Petroleum, Inc.-serves over 7,000 customers in 28 South Georgia counties, with locations in Tifton, Sylvester and Vidalia. Flagship company Conger LP Gas has distributed propane gas and serviced propane appliances to local residential, commercial and agricultural customers for 22 years. An active member of the National Propane Gas Association and the Georgia Propane Gas Association, LP Gas Holding Company is a locally owned and operated organization that strives to provide prompt, courteous and safe customer service to the community.

Alliance AutoGas enables fleets nationwide to use clean, economical, American-made autogas. Find more information at: For general questions, contact David Finder, National Energy Programs Manager, or (828) 251-0027.

Charter Fuels hits the road in Wisconsin with autogas ride & drive tour

Wisconsin Alliance AutoGas partner Charter Fuels is hitting the road this week with a multi-city ride & drive event to educate regional fleets on the benefits of clean-burning propane autogas.

Based in Lancaster, the Charter Fuels team is visiting regional areas from Menominee County, Mich., to Green Bay, Madison, La Crosse, Green County and Grant County, Wis. The tour features a bi-fuel Alliance AutoGas Ford Crown Victoria, which local fleets can test drive to experience the comparable performance and power of autogas vehicles to gasoline-powered vehicles.

"We're excited to show the people of Wisconsin the benefits of propane autogas technology, which is fueling fleets across the country," said Charter Fuels President and Owner, Doug Pink. "It's easier than ever to get fleets up and running on clean-burning, cost-effective autogas through the Alliance AutoGas complete program, from conversions, to fueling to ongoing training and support."

Running on autogas decreases fuel costs for fleets while providing superior performance. And because autogas has a higher octane rating and burns cleaner than gasoline, fleets will see reduced maintenance costs, less frequent oil changes and increased engine life. Visit or for more information.

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