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W hat's in a word? The new group Autogas for America thinks that the word " propane" needs a rewrite when it comes to using it for propulsion ( don't tell Dixie Chopper). The new word of choice (if the group's name doesn't give it away) is autogas, which is what propane used for cars is called in places like Europe. The group knows that Americans think propane is used for grilling, but autogas, well, that's a gas used for autos, right? Who cares that propane and autogas (and liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG) are the same thing?

Autogas for America (AFA) will have a full-fledged roll-out next month, but had a soft preview during the AFVI Expo in Las Vegas this week. Aiming to be "the unified voice of the U.S. Autogas market," AFA is lead by Stuart Weidie, president of Alliance AutoGas and Alliance founding partner Blossman Gas. Who's in AFA? These groups, which AFA calls "top industry representatives, transportation specialists and environmental advocates." We see a lot of propane companies there, not a lot of environmental advocates.

Still, propane/autogas is a cleaner fossil fuel and it "substantially reduces harmful emissions, costs less than gasoline and is almost entirely domestically produced," says the AFA. Some examples of propane being used in transportation include: Rousch's long-term involvement in converting vehicles over to propane, three propane groups in Texas coming together in Austin and the EPA's look at conversion kits.

[Source: Autogas for America | Image: David A. Villa - C.C. License 2.0]

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