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Autobahn speeds limited, Paris bans older cars in European heat wave

Temperatures of 102-104, and air conditioning is scarce

Temperatures of 102-104, and air conditioning is scarce.

California legislator proposes unrestricted Autobahn lanes between L.A., San Francisco

Bill would add eight lanes to two existing highways where drivers could go WOT

Bill would add eight lanes to two existing highways where drivers could go WOT.

Climate plans could make Germany's 'no limits' Autobahns history

Emissions target proposal includes imposing speed limits

Police catch overloaded car with piano on a bike rack — on the Autobahn

Mercedes wagon was precariously overloaded by about 900 pounds

Mercedes wagon was precariously overloaded by about 900 pounds.

Porsche 911 GT2 RS pushed to way over 200 mph on Autobahn

It must have had the electronic limiter removed.

There's some disparity between the speedometer and GPS.

Germany approves toll on cars registered in foreign countries

Exceptions will be made for green cars and short trips.

Tesla will pay for repairs after owner uses his Model S to save another driver's life

Elon Musk sent out tweets of thanks.

The damage runs about $10,000.

Conan O'Brien goes 140 mph in a BMW i8, and later putts around in a Trabant

Hilarity ensues when a big, loud American is let loose in a German supercar at speed.

No Limits: Derestricted Highways of the World

Where to go if all you want to do is drive fast.

There's only a handful of locales without speed limits on their public roadways. Join us for a pictorial journey around the world of derestricted highways.

Porsche 911 and Nissan 350Z get smoked by unlikely hero

A boosted Nissan 350Z and a Porsche 911 GT3 racing on the Autobahn get a demonstration in speed from an unlikely source.

Germany may charge foreigners an Autobahn toll [w/poll]

Raising taxes in any democratic country is tricky business, but there are certain groups on which it's easier to raise taxes than others. Smokers, for example, have a hard time making an argument against raising taxes on cigarettes. As far as the working class is concerned, raising taxes on the rich is a no-brainer. And in Germany, they may find it easiest to levy taxes against non-Germans.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Fuel cells are 'so bullsh*t'

Elon Musk is unafraid to speak his mind. Whether he's talking about other players in the electric vehicle space or sub-par reporting from The New York Times, this is a man with few filters. To further illustrate this point we need look no further than yesterday's address to a

Nissan GT-R boss discusses changes for 2014 at semi-annual meeting

One of the most integral pieces of the Nissan GT-R legacy is the Japanese automaker's commitment to improving the car every single year, rather than waiting for a mid-cycle refresh. While an accountant at Nissan may favor the latter method, it is quite apparent that the GT-R's development team is more focused on the pursuit of performance perfection. While we have brought you some George Kennedy

The List
The List #0035: Drive The German Autobahn

We told you last time that Jessi and Patrick still had some items to check off The List after picking up a car from BMW via European delivery. They had to make their way from BMW's headquarters in Munich to a certain race track, and when in Germany, there's only one road that's worth taking to get where you're going: the Autobahn.

Watch the most epic Toyota GT 86 review to date

By now, you've likely absorbed every last ounce of ink, both physical and virtual, spilled on the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S and Toyota GT 86 triplets. You've watched the videos, pored over the press releases and configured your own. And while your waking moments may be filled with imaging what it would be like to cane the 2.0-liter terror across

Texas toll road to get 85 mph speed limit?

Oh, Montana, how we miss your speed-limitless ways of the mid-1990s. We were carefree and young then, driving a 10-year-old Chevrolet that in no way, shape, or form was designed to travel at its top speed for hours on end. But that didn't stop us, we the "reasonable and prudent," and neither did it stop our digital dashboard from just flashing "85" over and over and over again. We'll never know

Three killed in 52-car autobahn crash

A minor two-car accident on a German autobahn turned into a 52-car pileup with three deaths and two dozen injuries on Friday night. On a stretch of A31 not far from the Dutch border, two sedans got into a "harmless fender bender" in heavy

This is what 186 mph in a 2012 BMW M5 looks like

By all accounts, the 2012 BMW M5 is nothing short of a mechanical miracle. With two fewer cylinders than the previous generation, the big bruiser manages to retain the acceleration and handling prowess that M buyers have come to expect. But where exactly can you use the full breadth of the four-door's 560 horsepower in a safe and legal capacity? The Autobahn, that's whe

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