Conan O'Brien goes 140 mph in a BMW i8, and later putts around in a Trabant

Comedian and Taurus SHO owner Conan O'Brien recently took a trip to Germany. Among his many Teutonic adventures were a few experiences of which many car enthusiasts have dreamt: driving on an unrestricted section of autobahn, and getting to drive an East German Trabant. Wait... the latter experience might actually be more of a nightmare. O'Brien brought along his show's camera crew to film the results. Unsurprisingly, they're quite amusing.

A trip like this would be dampened by having to drive something pedestrian. So, O'Brien convinced BMW to let them use a new i8 supercar. Along with it came a factory driver named Lars to show O'Brien the ropes. Watching the video and you'll see that it was probably a wise idea to have an experienced autobahn user along for the ride.

Besides helping keep O'Brien safe on the highway, Lars provides some good laughs. During the pair's trip, O'Brien jokes, yells, and sings, much of which seems to make Lars a bit uncomfortable. He particularly struggled to feign excitement when it was time for O'Brien to take the wheel. However, they both survive the trip, and O'Brien manages to hit 140 mph.

Later on his trip, O'Brien visits Berlin, and decides that a convertible Trabant is the ideal way to tour the city. Shockingly, his tall frame manages to fit in the miniscule car with the roof up. Along the way O'Brien stumbles across a word that isn't typically used in polite conversation, and gets a firsthand look at East German build quality.

The comedian again finds ways to make his German minder a bit uncomfortable, in part due to haphazard driving, and in part by being comically flattering to his female co-driver. You can also see more of O'Brien's trip by following this link to the website about the journey.

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