One of the most integral pieces of the Nissan GT-R legacy is the Japanese automaker's commitment to improving the car every single year, rather than waiting for a mid-cycle refresh. While an accountant at Nissan may favor the latter method, it is quite apparent that the GT-R's development team is more focused on the pursuit of performance perfection. While we have brought you some details on the mechanical updates to the GT-R, a recent video featuring lead engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno explains the motivating factors behind the changes.

The GT-R engineering boss explained that his team comes to Germany twice a year to test on the Nurburgring, as well as the Autobahn. It comes as no surprise that the team would be working on things like performance driving and the stresses that are put on the car, but what is surprising is the aim of comfort. According to Mizuno, "This year we are offering a version with a fashionable interior called 'Amber Red.' This is intended to increase our customer base of women or slightly older drivers."

Another goal of this year's testing was safety in the context of performance. The questions that Mizuno asked his team included, "How do we design a car to endure a flat tire at 200 kph (124 mph) that can make it to a repair shop?" and "How do we activate the VDC (vehicle dynamics control) at 250 kph (155 mph)?" So while the GT-R has been widely considered a "daily-drivable supercar" it appears that Nissan is committed to making it even more comfortable, as well as safer in performance driving situations. Scroll down below to watch the video.

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Nissan GT-R

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