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Electric Vehicle International opens California headquarters, launches new lineup

When we last heard from Electric Vehicles International (EVI) they were displaying a trio of trucks at the Work Truck Show in Chicago that they had electrified at their facility in Mexico. Fast forward 7 months and we find none other than Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on hand for the grand opening of the company's re

Peapod meets the Governator, makes new friend [w/VDEO]

It appears that the Peapod has emerged unscathed from the recent turmoil of Chrysler's brush with bankruptcy. In fact, the little neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) with the big friendly (or evil, depending on your point of view) smile is now riding about the 35 mph-or-lower stree

California outlaws texting while driving... finally

After wiping the egg off his face for approving legislation earlier this year that banned cell phone use yet still allowed texting behind the wheel, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hurriedly signed legislation today banning drivers from sending, writing, or reading messages on electronic devices. If you are one of those text-messaging morons in th

California Gov. Schwarzenegger to make WhiteStar announcement at Tesla today

We received a heads up overnight that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be making an appearance later today at Tesla Motors headquarters in San Carlos, CA. According to the notice from Tesla, Schwarzenegger will make an announcement regarding the manufacturing strategy for the WhiteStar sedan. Given this announcement and what chairman Elon Musk told us last week about plans to

Has the environmental movement been fueled by guilt as suggested by Schwarzenegger?

According to California governor Schwarzenegger, "California as you know is big, California is powerful and what we do in California has an unbelievable impact, We are sending the world a message, what we are saying is we're going to change the dynamic on greenhouse gases and carbon emissions." This and the following quotes were taken from a speech the governor gave at Georgeto

Desperate Michigan congressman attacks Schwarzenegger with billboard, website over fuel-economy standards

Republican Rep. Joe Knollenberg of Michigan is already running for re-election, and part of his campaign is to attack California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger with a billboard that reads, "Arnold to Michigan: Drop Dead." Somehow, this stupid idea is meant to call attention to federal efforts to increase CAFE standards and the impact such a move could have on his district. Knollenberg says politicians have "no understanding of auto manufacturing" and believes he is fighting for the survival of domes

BP sinks $500 million into bioscience research

BP has pledged to put $500 million into a new research program that will investigate how bioscience can boost energy production and reduce energy's environmental impacts. A number of institutions have been selected to join with BP in the new Energy Biosciences Institute including the University of California Berkeley and its partners the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Premier Gordon Campbell announces plan to cut British Columbia's emissions 33% by 2020

In the U.S., California has led the way with stricter emissions laws than in the rest of the country. The laws that are adopted in California have been adopted in certain other states as well. Now it seems that British Columbia, Canada, will be adopting similar but even slightly tougher emissions standards of their own. Automotive emissions, which make up 40 percent of all emissions in B.C., are to be cut with phasing standards starting in 2009 and extending through

Fuel-cell vehicles will tote guests for Schwarzenegger's inauguration

When Arnold Schwarzenegger ousted Gray Davis for the governorship during a 2003 recall election, he didn't have much of an inauguration. Economic times were more humble then, and the wealthy movie star apparently didn't want to show off.

LA Auto Show: AB stalked by The Governator

While attending the LA Auto Show on Thursday, we were alerted to the fact that California's Governor, and alleged cyborg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, would be holding a press conference to discuss California's commitment to clean burning cars and trucks. AB Green blogger Mike Magda covered that part of the story for us, but there was a lot more at the show that The Governator wanted to see, and so he fo

2 more bills in California target global warming

The Golden State is certainly living up to its reputation as the world's environmental watchdog this week. In addition to the state's attorney general suing automakers over greenhouse gases and the recently passed law capping all emissions that contribute to global warming, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegg

California to cap all greenhouse gas emissions

The Golden State once again makes a bold move acting as a leader in environmental legislation. On Wednesday, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger reached a deal with California Democrats to implement reductions on all greenhouse gas emissions including those from industrial plants by about 25 percent by 2020.