2 more bills in California target global warming

The Golden State is certainly living up to its reputation as the world's environmental watchdog this week. In addition to the state's attorney general suing automakers over greenhouse gases and the recently passed law capping all emissions that contribute to global warming, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will have until the end of the month to decide whether or not he's going to sign two new bills aimed at reducing greenhouse gases. The state's Democratic-controlled Senate and Assembly have already approved both.
The first, authored by Assemblyman Joe Nation, would require cleaner emissions from new cars sold in California by 2010 and mandate that 50 percent of them run on alternative fuels by 2020.

The second, by Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, would require that power imported from power plants outside of the state comply with the same greenhouse gas standards that power plants in California meet. Environmentalists say this bill may expose "California's dirty secret," that while power plants within the state lines tend to be relatively clean, California imports a significant amount of electricity from high-polluting plants in the neighboring region.

Governor Schwarzenegger has not yet indicated whether or not he will sign either bill into law.

[Source: San Francisco Chronicle]

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