Premier Gordon Campbell announces plan to cut British Columbia's emissions 33% by 2020

In the U.S., California has led the way with stricter emissions laws than in the rest of the country. The laws that are adopted in California have been adopted in certain other states as well. Now it seems that British Columbia, Canada, will be adopting similar but even slightly tougher emissions standards of their own. Automotive emissions, which make up 40 percent of all emissions in B.C., are to be cut with phasing standards starting in 2009 and extending through 2016.

Premier Gordon Campbell cited recent scientific studies as proof of global warming with man being the likely cause. "The science is clear, It leaves no room for procrastination. Global warming is real. If we fail to act aggressively and shoulder our responsibility, we know what our children can expect -- shrinking glaciers and snow packs, drying lakes and streams, and changes in the ocean's chemistry." Campbell later continued, "Citizens are going to have to be a part of this. We're going to ask people to be much more conscious about their personal impacts on the environment."

Campbell has invited California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who approves of Campbell's plans, and the governors from the Pacific Northwest to visit Vancouver this spring in an effort to adopt similar programs to fight global warming.

[Source: and Yahoo! News]

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