Desperate Michigan congressman attacks Schwarzenegger with billboard, website over fuel-economy standards

Republican Rep. Joe Knollenberg of Michigan is already running for re-election, and part of his campaign is to attack California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger with a billboard that reads, "Arnold to Michigan: Drop Dead." Somehow, this stupid idea is meant to call attention to federal efforts to increase CAFE standards and the impact such a move could have on his district. Knollenberg says politicians have "no understanding of auto manufacturing" and believes he is fighting for the survival of domestic automakers. He has already stated that fuel economy increases would cost Detroit automakers $85 billion and cost thousands of jobs.

He chose to blast Schwarzenegger because he's a "symbol" of the green movement. A spokesman for the governor says Schwarzenegger wants the auto industry "to move into the future."

Knollenberg's re-election staff paid $10,000 for the billboard and another $1,500 to set up to set up a website that promotes his views. He's asking viewers to contribute $3 to keep the billboard going. Knollenberg is likely to face stiff competition in the next election, apparently with good reason.

Maybe someone out here in California should put up a billboard with a corny looking mug shot of Knollenberg and write, "Knollenberg to California: Suck my fumes!" We could also set up a website with the URL:

[Source: Associated Press via Detroit Free Press]

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