It appears that the Peapod has emerged unscathed from the recent turmoil of Chrysler's brush with bankruptcy. In fact, the little neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) with the big friendly (or evil, depending on your point of view) smile is now riding about the 35 mph-or-lower streets of California, where it is making lots of friends, including the governor of the state, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former Hummer owner has fallen, by his own admission, "... in love with it."

At a recently held press conference with the Governator and Chrysler's Chief Innovation Officer, Peter Arnell (and Christine the Peapod), it was revealed that 2,400 residents of the Golden State have already placed themselves on the waiting list. The vehicles, along with the iPod necessary to operate them, should start shipping sometime in October. Hopefully we'll have the chance to park one in the ABG garage by then and see if makes us smile, too.

[Source: YouTube]

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