LA Auto Show: AB stalked by The Governator

While attending the LA Auto Show on Thursday, we were alerted to the fact that California's Governor, and alleged cyborg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, would be holding a press conference to discuss California's commitment to clean burning cars and trucks. AB Green blogger Mike Magda covered that part of the story for us, but there was a lot more at the show that The Governator wanted to see, and so he followed us into the Convention Center. Just as the Land Rover debut of the LR2 ended, Arnold picked up a cookie in the Jaguar booth (even dismissing joking calls to have his security detachment taste it for him) and started his march around the hall. Follow along as Arnold visits Jaguar, Honda, Mercedes and Maybach before we finally ditched him. Word has it he showed up at the Spyker display seconds after we left, so we think his intent was quite obvious. All kidding aside, the Governor seemed to like the Jaguar XJ, M-B CLS, SLR and Maybach Exelero, as well as the Honda Remix, on his trip around the Center. He easily joked with reporters and PR people and appeared to enjoy his whirlwind tour of the show. And the cookie seemed to go over pretty well, too.

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