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Ford Focus EV 'Stop Safely Now' stalling problem under NHTSA probe

The feds are stepping in to investigate the "Stop Safely Now" messages that a Ford Focus Electric vehicle driver reported to AutoblogGreen earlier this year. The situation is a serious one, but not widespread as Reuters reports that the NHTSA has received just 12 complaints. Not a big number considering Ford has so

Ford to hack $4k off price of Focus EV amid slow sales

Between slow sales and a hefty price drop for its nearest rival, the Ford Focus Electric may be looking at a pretty substantial price cut. The Detroit News is reporting that Ford will drop the price of the all-electric by about $4,000 to $35,200 to be more competitiv

Ford starts Focus Electric production in Europe, not updating EV for 2014 MY

So far this year (through the end of May), Ford sold 723 Focus Electrics in the US. Not a whole lot – especially compared to Nissan, which sold more than ten times that many Leafs (7,614). What's interesting is that Ford isn't going to immediately make a bunch of changes for the 2014 model year to

Ford Focus Electrics flashing 'Stop Safely Now' warning for some

So far in 2013, Ford has sold roughly 600-700 Focus Electric vehicles, which can help put the fact that we have just four officially reported problems with something called the "Stop Safely Now" light into perspective.

Ford Focus Electric gets five-star overall crash-test rating from NHTSA

The Ford Focus Electric received the highest possible crash-test rating from the federal government, giving Ford another reason to pitch its first all-electric production vehicle to US customers.

Ford Focus EV's slow sales trigger massive incentives

The Detroit News reports Ford is having real trouble moving its new Focus Electric. As a result, the automaker is offering substantial incentives in an attempt to lure in more buyers. How substantial? Try $10,750 off of a three-year lease. What's more, the EV can now be had for $37,995 ($2,000 less than its original base price) on top of an additional $2,000 cash discount to buy the

Ford Focus EV is 'not a compliance car,' executive says

One Ford executive is speaking out against claims that the Ford Focus Electric is merely a bit of lip service to California's zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate.

Some Ford dealers matching Nissan Leaf $199 lease price for Focus Electric

Lease prices for the Nissan Leaf have been inching ever downward – a move that is increasing sales – and it looks like some Ford dealers are willing to travel alongside down th

Consumer Reports goes out of its way to buy 2012 Ford Focus Electric

The first 2012 Ford Focus Electric hatchbacks started trickling into dealerships a couple months ago and the other day, Consumer Reports was finally able to pick up one for its very own. The logistics of that purchase, though, caused the first complaint.

Whoops: Coda rep unplugs Ford Focus Electric driven by Forbes reporter

And now a tale that could only take place in the 21st Century, complete with electric cars, Tweets and questionable actions.

Ford Focus Electric iPhone App now avaiable

It's not exactly 'Siri' but, for Ford Focus Electric drivers, it'll do.

Galpin Ford's Focus Electric sales estimate hints at low, low numbers

Galpin Ford bills itself the "#1 Ford dealer in the world by volume for 22 years in a row." Last month, the Los Angeles-based dealership sold around 900 vehicles. So, figuring out how many copies of the Ford Focus Electric Galpin expects to sell can give us some insight into how big of a hit Ford expects the all-electric hatch to be. That number, as best as any

First Ford Focus Electric models en route to dealerships

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric is officially on its way to dealerships. Outlets in California, New Jersey, and New York – 67 in all – are going to be the first to receive the electron-fueled Focus, with about six cars each winding up on lots. To help dealers build more excitement for what's likely to be a slow-starting sales story, the dealers will hold one of the Focus EVs as a demonstrator.

Ford releases photos of Focus Electric NASCAR pace car

Last week, Ford announced that it would be creating the world's first all-electric pace car in the form of the Focus Electric hatchback. Set to lap the oval at the Richmond 400 at the end of this month, the official Focus Electric NASCAR pace car was unv

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