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Ford Focus EV's slow sales trigger massive incentives

The Detroit News reports Ford is having real trouble moving its new Focus Electric. As a result, the automaker is offering substantial incentives in an attempt to lure in more buyers. How substantial? Try $10,750 off of a three-year lease. What's more, the EV can now be had for $37,995 ($2,000 less than its original base price) on top of an additional $2,000 cash discount to buy the

Galpin Ford's Focus Electric sales estimate hints at low, low numbers

Galpin Ford bills itself the "#1 Ford dealer in the world by volume for 22 years in a row." Last month, the Los Angeles-based dealership sold around 900 vehicles. So, figuring out how many copies of the Ford Focus Electric Galpin expects to sell can give us some insight into how big of a hit Ford expects the all-electric hatch to be. That number, as best as any

First Ford Focus Electric models en route to dealerships

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric is officially on its way to dealerships. Outlets in California, New Jersey, and New York – 67 in all – are going to be the first to receive the electron-fueled Focus, with about six cars each winding up on lots. To help dealers build more excitement for what's likely to be a slow-starting sales story, the dealers will hold one of the Focus EVs as a demonstrator.

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