One Ford executive is speaking out against claims that the Ford Focus Electric is merely a bit of lip service to California's zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate.

C.J. O'Donnell, who was recently named Ford's group marketing manager for electrification, told Plug In Cars that the Focus EV is not a so-called "compliance car." That's the term used for zero emission cars that are sold in limited numbers simply to meet California's the ZEV quotas. While the Focus EV is sold at just five percent of Ford's 4,000 US dealers today, the model's distribution will eventually be broadened to all 50 states, O'Donnell says.

Ford last month sold 118 Focus EVs. That's more than in any other month before and was about four times as many i EVs that Mitsubishi sold in October. Ford also recorded its first US sales of its C-Max Energi Plug-in Hybrids, moving 144 units of that model.

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