Lease prices for the Nissan Leaf have been inching ever downward – a move that is increasing sales – and it looks like some Ford dealers are willing to travel alongside down the rabbit hole. Green Car Reports found two dealers in Sacramento, California that offered 2013 Ford Focus Electric leases for as low as $199 a month this past weekend.

The fine print is important here, since the mileage limit was dropped by 1,500 miles from 12,000 to 10,500 per year. The dealers required at least $2,800 down; one was offering a 24-month lease, one was for a 36-month lease. When you do the math, as GCR did, you find that "in California particularly, the first year of driving comes close to being effectively free." That's one heck of a deal, but if you are not sure if $199 a month is a good deal for this car, you can read our review here.

Ford Focus Electric Information

Ford Focus Electric

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