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The latest in a depressing dirge for cars amid SUV and trucks craze

These are grim times for car sales in the United States as crossovers, SUVs and pickups command the attention of buyers, and now a report from the Wall Street Journal suggests that General Motors and Ford are both planning to axe slow-selling nameplates from their lineups.


Eight Ford Performance vehicles on one track.

You even get to watch an F-150 Raptor tackle a corner.


More power, better fuel economy — so why do this?

More power, better fuel economy — so why do this?


Pour one out for a terrific little hot hatch.

Get the current Fiesta ST while you can.

Ken Block performs nail-biting stunts as he hoons through the dirt roads of Swing Arm City, UT. Similar to his urban driving in Gymkhana, Terrakhana will focus on off-road terrain.


Ford is considering killing off the Taurus and C-Max, sources say.


"We are targeting only Europe, the Middle East and Africa," the Fiesta program manager reportedly said.


Recalls and service bulletins haven't fixed the issues.


Several models are affected, from Fiesta ST to Lincoln MKZ.

Over 200,000 cars included in each recall.

The new Ford Fiesta ST was revealed today ahead of the full debut in Geneva. The hot hatch has a 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine.


Smaller engine, same power (or more, depending on how you count).

Nearly 200 horsepower from 1.5-liters.


Here are some cool cars that qualify for the 25-year importation rule in 2017.


1.0-liter EcoBoost engines get fuel-saving tech.

All cars will be crossover-ified. Resistance is futile.


Ford of Europe couldn't wait, and dropped the first photo of the new hatchback on its Twitter page.

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