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Cryptic ‘performance utility’ also set for 2020

Ford Motor Co. is giving its SUV lineup a shot of adrenaline, confirming plans to add a smaller off-road vehicle to complement the upcoming Bronco and a sporty Explorer ST model. The company also teased the much-anticipated Shelby GT500 and Bronco in renderings released Thursday.

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It seems like the rumor might've been correct

The Edge ST looks to be getting a big brother.


Reports say Ford's new RWD platform will also spawn a Lincoln SUV

The Explorer's gonna go back in time.


Federal regulators have now received nearly 1,400 complaints of carbon monoxide in the cabin.

Federal regulators have now received at least 1,381 complaints alleging carbon monoxide leaks in the cabin.

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Workers describe an atmosphere hostile to women and minorities.

Despite multimillion-dollar settlements, workers describe an atmosphere hostile to women and minorities.


A seat adjustment bolt could come loose, increasing risk of injury in a crash.

The recall affects vehicles built in the first half of 2016.


Aftermarket fitment of police-specific bits could cause exhaust leak problems.

NHTSA reports injuries that include "loss of consciousness, with the majority indicating nausea, headaches, or light-headedness."


Police and consumer SUVs are affected by the issue.

More than 2,700 complaints have been logged.


And it's not the only Blue Oval that could catch fire.

Ford isn't aware of fires, injuries, or accidents related to either recall.


But Chevy and Dodge score points for braking, top speed.

Fords are quicker than Chevy and Dodge, but no matter which police car you come across, remember, you'll never outrun Motorola.


Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning Lights now optional.

Available on 2017 Police Interceptor Utility models, spoiler-mounted rear lights are programable and can be set to red, blue, or amber.


There have been over 150 complaints from owners of the 2011 to 2015 Explorer.


The F-150 and Explorer represent the bulk of the recalled vehicles. The Focus Electric and Transit Connect account for over 900 and 600 vehicles each.


A problem with the toe link in the rear suspension has prompted Ford to recall over 75,000 examples of the Explorer across the United States.


Ford is set to offer a new "no profile" light bar option on its 2017 Police Interceptor Utility, and you probably won't be able to spot it until it's too late.


Ford will replace the engine block heater on the Explorer and Lincoln MKC because the parts can potentially overheat. There are two reports of fires but no injuries or fatalities.