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Think driving will get easier once the winter season ends? Think again.

Having bad credit makes it difficult to get a car loan or lease a car - it can also make it more difficult to get car insurance.

Taking a defensive driving class can save you money on your car insurance rates.

The point system in traffic parlance refers to the assignment of "points" or values to each infraction you incur.

In the context of insurance, gap is an acronym which stands for Guaranteed Auto Protection or Guaranteed Asset Protection (depending on who’s answering), and typically comes into play when insuring a new car.

Driving in a state that’s not your home state may give you a false sense of security when it comes to speeding tickets and traffic fines.

Full coverage car insurance can be a misleading term when you’re searching for car insurance quotes.

Comparing car insurance companies is important if you want to get the best deal to meet your insurance needs.

It is not uncommon for car owners to hit deer while driving.

Buying two or more insurance policies - such as your homeowners and car insurance - through the same insurance company is known as “bundling.

If you’ve been in a major car crash and your vehicle has sustained major damage, it may be declared a total loss.

People believe that the color of their cars affect the cost of their car insurance - namely, flashy colors like red and yellow.

After years of decline, American drivers are getting back on the road in record numbers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage was $25.

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B2108 code definition The B2108 trouble code detects a trunk key cylinder switch failure.

B2106 code definition The B2106 trouble code notes an error with the throttle position input range.

B2105 code definition The B2105 trouble code detects a throttle position input range error.

You might think your car insurance provides the coverage you need at the best cost, but that may not be the case.

B2104 code definition The B2104 trouble code signals a passenger door key cylinder switch failure.

B2102 code definition The B2102 trouble code detects a problem with the vehicle’s antenna circuit.

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