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If you'd like to listen to a sort of state of the electric vehicle industry panel discussion, tune in to the EVCast tomorrow. The live show (which will be available later as a podcast and for download) starts at 1:30 Eastern (10:30 am Pacific) on Tuesday. Listeners can tune send in questions and comments on the EVcast.com chat board (free membership is required to participate). The panel will discuss the following topics:

Regardless of their displeasure with the cost, size and quality of Cobo Hall in Detroit, executives from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen have committed to at least one more round of exhibits at the annual North American International Auto Show held at the venue each January. The German automakers occupy serious square footage at the show, and the exhibits generate much needed jobs and revenue, so the news was obviously welcomed by show officials.

Repo men working in rural Alabama attempt to take a man's car at 2:30 am. The car's owner, 67-year-old Jimmy Tanks, hears noises and steps outside with his gun. Shots are fired and Jimmy ends up dead. The tables were turned on another repo man working in Alabama, who ended up dying of a gunshot wound. A third repo man, also in Alabama, was wounded by a gunshot while towing a vehicle away.

Put one in the win column for Twitter as the first image of the special edition Bugatti Veyron being unveiled tomorrow at the Geneva Motor Show has just been uploaded. Called the Bleu Centenaire, this latest in a long line of special edition Veyrons commemorates the brand's 100th anniversary. As such, it's wearing a special shade of blue that you might remember seeing on the late, great EB 110, but is also the main color of Bugatti's historical racing livery. Note, however, that the Bleu Cenenai

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Is yet another Chinese automaker throwing their hat into the electric car ring? Well, maybe. While walking about in Alice Springs, Australia, China Car Times reader, Dylan, noticed a car dressed up in decals that screamed, "Hey you! I'm a top secret prototype and you should take my picture." He obliged and now that his photos have reached civilization the rest of the world and have been analyzed by others, the conclusion is that this is a Roewe 550. Now, this particular car is already in product

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Kia is showing off two new and fuel-efficient variants of its compact c'eed here in Geneva this week. The first, which is going on sale immediately, is the c'eed ISG, or Idle Stop and Go. The ISG, as the name implies, features an auto start-stop system that is claimed to improve urban fuel efficiency by up to 15 percent. As with other such systems, it simply shuts down and restarts the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop and resumes. The ISG setup is available on 1.4L and 1.6L engines in all

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