Put one in the win column for Twitter as the first image of the special edition Bugatti Veyron being unveiled tomorrow at the Geneva Motor Show has just been uploaded. Called the Bleu Centenaire, this latest in a long line of special edition Veyrons commemorates the brand's 100th anniversary. As such, it's wearing a special shade of blue that you might remember seeing on the late, great EB 110, but is also the main color of Bugatti's historical racing livery. Note, however, that the Bleu Cenenaire features both matte and glossy applications of the color on its body panels, which looks strange yet inexplicably cool to us.

We don't yet know what changes have been made to this Veyron's quad-turbo W16 engine, but rumors suggest that Bugatti has exceeded the engine's current power rating of 1,000 hp by so much that the car's top speed will crest 270 mph (a standard Bugatti Veyron tops out around 253). We'll have to wait until tomorrow for more details and images, but we're definitely interested in what may be the only vehicle that will ever look right at home in Papa Smurf's personal garage.

[Source: Twitter via Sky Motoring via Jalopnik]

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