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Bill Reinert, national manager advanced technology vehicles for Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc., is a bit of a showman. As we heard in the morning sessions of Toyota's Sustainable Mobility Seminar, the world's got a lot of problems to deal with right now.The afternoon sessions were dedicated to Toyota representatives explaining how Toyota is thinking and responding to these problems. Since the issues are waaaay to big for one company or person or government to do anything about, so don't expect to

Welcome, my friends! Tonight we gather to watch the train wreck that is NBC's Knight Rider, now a weekly series in the wake of the catastrophically bad telemovie that aired back in February. If you've blotted the memory of that debacle out of your brain, feel free to check out the original liveblog for a refresher while you wait for tonight's show to start.

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When we recently posted on Aston Martin dragging Lagonda out of its crypt, one of the assertions was that "they've reportedly ruled out the possibility of a sport-ute." That might have been nothing more than a semantic turn, as Car & Driver is reporting that the first Lagonda will be "something SUV-ish."

It must be pretty hard to unload an unwanted truck business these days. Just ask General Motors, which has attempted to sell its medium-duty truck operations first to Navistar and then Isuzu. Both heavy-duty diesel makers have passed on the offer. Isuzu had been rumored as a possible buyer for the unit after Navistar let the non-binding agreement pass by unsigned. Now, Isuzu President Susumu Hosoi tells Reuters, "There will be no such acquisition happening" from his company either, suggesting th

Are you an American that has been lusting for some European vehicle models lately? Because of the traditionally high fuel prices in Europe, cars there are traditionally more compact and sip less fuel than their American counterparts (the BMW M3 is another story, though). Some of these models belong to American automakers Ford and GM. We already know some European GM models are sold stateside, but what about Ford?

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill this afternoon approving a $25 billion low-interest loan for domestic automakers. The bill passed with an overwhelming majority – 370 to 58 – and is on its way to the Senate for a vote on Friday before the White House gets the opportunity to lay pen to paper on March 6, 2009. The rates and rules of the loan are required to be spelled-out by the U.S. Department of Energy within 60 days of the bill becoming law, but automakers could be al

The 2010 Ford Mustang teasers continue, with a darkened shot of the new 'Stang's seats and center console. The new thrones look mighty inviting, with a nice amount of padding and some American-friendly bolsters. The center console appears to be a little taller than the current Mustang, but we'll have to wait until we get a chance to sit inside at this year's LA Auto Show.

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Both Cerberus and Daimler have announced plans for the German automaker to sell the remaining 19.9-percent stake in Chrysler to the private equity firm. According to reports coming out of Germany, that relatively small stake in the American automaker is still weighing down Daimler's stock price. Perhaps the Germans aren't so sure that Chrysler's new electric vehicles will ever see the light of day? In any case, both sides suggest that all the rest of the two company's relationships would continu

As we gathered sleepily in the conference rooms early in the morning, host John Hanson said that Toyota's hope with this one-day seminar was to present the complexity of the sustainability mobility situation and to highlight the challenges that the world is dealing with. The solution is not just the cleaner-than-they-used-to-be four-wheeled vehicles that Toyota is building, but also its partnerships and transportation alternatives, a reduction in how much energy and resource we use, better regul

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It always happens this way. Shortly after a new performance car is released to the public, it will find its way to a dyno shortly thereafter. When that new vehicle is the new performance king of the automotive world, aka the 2009 Corvette ZR1, our collective interest is piqued. So, how does it fare on the rollers? Two separate 'Vettes were tested, and the average output was about 535 horsepower at the rear wheels. After factoring in the normal 15-percent drivetrain losses for a rear-wheel drive

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