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If you live in LA, look out for the new bus on the orange line. It's the longest bus in California. The MetroLiner is 65 feet long, five feet longer than normal buses are allowed to be by law. It had to get a pass as a prototype to drive on California roads. The extra 5 feet allows another 20 passengers to fit in the bus bringing the capacity to 100 people. The bus runs on clean natural gas.

Hummers may get the brunt of the attacks from people looking to launch into a low-MPG ride, but RVs get something like half the miles per gallon that Hummers do. Green Car Congress points us to a Kingsley Coach release that shows the company is thinking about making an RV with either a hybrid or hydrogen-assisted powertrain.

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/motorsport/Nice_Lid_Ferrari_s_526_baseball_cap'; For many motorsports aficionados, allegiance to Ferrari transcends the lines of age and social class. Young and old, from the everyman to captains of industry, on race days the differences are tossed out the window and they gather en masse, a sea of red in the stands, as tifosi. Ferrari knows this, and as a result, its strength as a merchandiser is unparalleled in the automotive landscape. Leveraging its iconic l

If you've spent any amount of timing tweaking the B16 in your EK hatch, you're probably all too familiar with Hondata. The firm specializes in providing easy-to-use, plug-and-play components for the world's Acura and Honda owners, and has proved invaluable on at least two past project cars of ours.

Marathon Petroleum wants to expand capacity at its Detroit refinery and is prepared to spend $1 billion to do it. The project would create 135 permanent jobs in the city of Detroit (which desperately needs them) along with 1,200 temporary construction jobs. However, refinery expansions generally have a very unfortunate side effect in the form of increased pollution.

Few factors affect fuel economy more than individual driving style, and anyone who's gotten behind the wheel of a modern vehicle equipped with an onboard computer has inevitably played the consumption game. Audi is taking the concept of an insta-mile-per-gallon gauge to the next level by developing a system that analyzes driver behavior and then tips off drivers on ways to reduce consumption.

GM knows it's smart to get into the Indian car market. Ford is there, too, although perhaps they need to work on the marketing angle a bit. There are also plenty of domestic automakers like Tata Motors, which is about to launch its low-cost car. As BusinessWeek reports, the Indian small car floodgates are about to open.

If you're a U.S. citizen hankering for a factory-tuned R56 MINI Cooper S, you're officially in luck. MotoringFile has received the press release on the new JCW tuning package, and according to our friend Gabe, some dealers already have demo vehicles and you might be able to score a ride in one later this week.

European commercial gas supplier Linde will conduct hydrogen fueling demonstrations at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The company will have their traiLH2TM mobile hydrogen fueling station situated outside the show hall. On September 11, they will do two demonstrations, one using compressed hydrogen gas for a Mercedes Benz F-Cell and another with liquid hydrogen for a BMW Hydrogen 7. On the 12th, they will do another compressed gas filling demo with the Mercedes.

The General's chief product guru, Bob Lutz, responded to questions regarding GM's reliability in the company's FastLane Blog's most recent video Q&A chapter. According to Lutz, who cites comparisons to company "H" and company "T" as being perpetual reliability yardsticks, GM has aimed at making every component throughout the automaker's brands "bulletproof," including the engines, transmissions and every mechanical part imaginable.

A "flex-fuel vehicle" in the U.S. and Europe means you can put pure gasoline (sometimes with up to 10 percent ethanol in it) or E85 into the tank. Down in Brazil, Fiat has a hit with the Siena Tetrafuel, a sedan that can burn four types of fuel. The 1.4 liter engine in the Siena Tetrafuel can handle moisturized alcohol, Brazilian gasoline (made up of 25 percent alcohol), pure gasoline and natural gas, according to Italiaspeed. Fiat has sold about 700 units a month during the last quarter. When F

The factory that will be turning out all the Two-Mode hybrid transmissions for General Motors, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz and BMW starting this fall will be doing it without sending anything to the dump. Everything that comes into GM's Baltimore transmission plant for the production process will leave either in the form of product or else it will be recycled or re-used.

UPDATE: Audi has officially unveiled the new A4, though no new pics have been released. We've pasted the official press release after the jump.

Japanese cities are crowded. This fact is so well known that The Onion can easily poke fun at it. Earlier this year, the Japanese Ministry of the Environment issued a report suggesting that cities in Japan become even more centralized so that "per capita CO2 emissions from automobiles and the passenger transport sector" that have recently increased due to decentralization are reduced, according to Japan for Sustainability. By centralizing residential areas, stores and public facilities, people w

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