Few factors affect fuel economy more than individual driving style, and anyone who's gotten behind the wheel of a modern vehicle equipped with an onboard computer has inevitably played the consumption game. Audi is taking the concept of an insta-mile-per-gallon gauge to the next level by developing a system that analyzes driver behavior and then tips off drivers on ways to reduce consumption.

The system was presented at the TechDay 2007 seminar in Germany, where Audi sought to draw focus on drivers, fuel usage and emissions reduction. The automaker contends that just by changing the habits of the driver, fuel economy numbers could be boosted by as much as 30-percent, without having to sacrifice "speed and dynamism."

The system also incorporates the vehicle's sat-nav to make route suggestions based on traffic and road conditions, something that should be available in next generation "digital road maps."

[Source: InsideLine]

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