Bumping up RV mpg levels to the mid-teens with hybrid or hydrogen-assisted powerplants

Hummers may get the brunt of the attacks from people looking to launch into a low-MPG ride, but RVs get something like half the miles per gallon that Hummers do. Green Car Congress points us to a Kingsley Coach release that shows the company is thinking about making an RV with either a hybrid or hydrogen-assisted powertrain.
If Kingsley goes with an electric hybrid option, it'll be similar to the system in a hybrid car. The possible hydrogen system the company is looking at is not a fuel cell, but a hydrogen injection system which Kingsley CEO Allan Smethers says could bring fuel savings of 15 percent (the hybrid system should bring 35 percent).

Kingsley is also considering greening up their RVs by using solar panels on the roof to power the appliances in the living quarters.

If you want to get more miles per gallon from the RV you have today, check out this advice from KOA. Because, hey, "getting 15 miles per gallon or more is not impossible." Good luck out there.

[Source: Kingsley Coach via Green Car Congress]

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